A friend, her first blog birthday and a giveaway!

I already blogged about my sweet friend, Tara and the random way we met.
I have two people to thank for that...God and Lisa Leonard!

Anyway...today is Tara's first blog birthday and if you have not
been to her blog, you are missing out!
You must go. Like right now. I'll wait....

You love it, right?! I knew you would!!

She's real, authentic, sweet, beautiful, creative and has an amazing North Georgia accent!

She is giving away her family rules sign which are absolutely a.dor.a.ble!! Personalized with your own family rules! So go back on over & leave a comment...you never know!


Between You and Me said...

Thank you so much for blogging about it...be sure to go back and add another comment so you get a couple of chances for your name to be drawn!!!!

Tracey said...

That is 2 posts in one week:))))Yay! Don't forget to work on your post for me next week:)

Cat said...

we love so many of the same things and same blogs, I just had to "follow" you. :)
xo, cat (www.constantinchaos.blogspot.com)

Patti said...

Love your new header! Love the blue accent color too! Another fun thing to change and decorate!!!
Patti =)

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