weekend recap

First....it started with some cleaning! I loved this picture because I am usually wearing some form of ponytail or bun
I LOVE my big ol dangly earrings AND
I have got my eye out for a sunburst mirror...lol!
I sooo cannot push my apple green (love it!) vacuum cleaner with one hand...too darn heavy

SECOND...We watched the boy do his thing on the soccer field!
They didn't win BUT he played hard and did his best...all we can ask for...
secretly y'all, I hate losing! I am soo competitive...ahhh!

Thirdly...We took Gracie to the dog park for the first time!
She had a blast...made new friends :)

Fourthly...we met up with friends at our favorite Cuban restaurant for dinner
last night. Mmmmm, it hit the spot...and I didn't have to clean
up after dinner!! Whoo-hoo!

Finally...and most importantly...we spent Sunday morning worshipping together! Our pastor answered the question..."Why would God create us if He knew we were going to fail?"
He read out of Psalm 139
A few of my notes...
~ God's purpose for creating us was to have an intimate relationship with Him ~
~ Without free will, there is NO LOVE relationship with God ~
~ ...God is greater than our heart and knows all things...1 John 3:20 ~

It was a good weekend...pretty low key and not a ton going on but that's ok every now and then! BTW...in case your wondering why only one kid was talked about in our weekend plans?! It's because the other was spending the night with her friend and was gone all day Saturday and half of Sunday...her social calendar is starting to get busy!! What was your weekend like? Would love to hear about it!

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Isn't she lovely...(singing the song in my head!)

Yesterday I got the itch...
the itch to buy something!
Nothing imparticular
but I knew whatever it was...
it would jump out at me!
Went to TJ MAXX...nothing
Off to Stein Mart...notta
Went to Bed, Bath & Beyone...zilch...PLUS, that place is sooo overpriced!!
My next to last stop before Target was
City Bargains.
If you live in Orlando, you should know about City Bargains!

I walked down to the back of the store and she caught my eye
Finished walking the store and I knew I had to have her...

I just love the description of the lamp on my receipt..."Pretty white lamp"...
One question though to my "repurposers"...not sure if that is a word, but if you know what it means...then it is! :) Should I do anything different or leave her just the way I got her?? The one thing I wasn't sure about was the trim on the shade...or even a different shade? Would love your thoughts!
But for now...I'll keep singing...

Isn't she lovely
Isn't she wonderful
Isn't she precious
Less than one minute old
I never thought through love we'd be
Making one as lovely as she
But isn't she lovely made from love

Weekend recap

Our weekend started off with going to see the movie Letters to God.

Not only us...but we rallied together 120 people to see it with us!

We sold out the theater...Praise the Lord!

I would encourage EVERYONE to take their family...you will be extremely blessed...


we need to support Christian movies so they will continue to make more!

Saturday was working around the house (I know...boring!)

but it HAD to be done!

TJ had a soccer game - they won! Then off to UCF for the spring game,

throwing the football with the kiddos and getting autographs from the players

and to top it off...a yummy taco dinner with friends :)

Easter weekend

So I am a bit behind on blogging...these are pictures from Easter! Better late than never...right?! We had a wonderful Easter most of all celebrating Christ's resurrection...He is Risen!! We were blessed to have my parents home for the holiday and my sister and Todd's family were here as well. I baked the traditional ham dinner with all the fixin's :) The kiddos dyed easter eggs beautiful bright colors as you can see above and of course had an easter egg hunt. I thought the kids might not think it was "cool" to go hunt for eggs...boys was I wrong! They still got so into it and the picture above shows Morgan and Hayley checking out their loot!
After Easter, we had a week of spring break and pics to come of our few days at Ponce Inlet!

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