Fall-o-ween decor and a pumpkin topiary

Why Fall-o-ween?? Well, to me my Halloween decor is about half Fall and half H-ween so there you have it! Once Halloween is over...it'll just be Fall y'all :)

So I just found these orange plates TODAY and I just LOVE them!
Also, LOVE my black bird! The sticks are just from a bunch I have that I pulled out a few and spray painted them for a more "spooky" look
And as you can see...we have "fall" again out by the front door! My new fav addition is my polka dotted monogramed pumpkin I made!
I made this topiary for my bestie...but totally want to make one for myself too!

Fun in NYC

Yummy cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery!

This is "Sophie" from Mamma Mia...she was sooo adorable and friendly!

Mandy and her "NYC" shoes...Sassy momma of five isn't she?!

All dressed up and ready for the broadway musical

Me, mom and Mandy in beautiful Central Park

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