Bunny topiary

My sister posted about this blog where she made the cutest topiaries and I decided that I just HAD to try and make one for our home! I absolutely love my little bunny topiary...he makes me smile every time I look at him!

No pets allowed...say what?

This past Saturday was such a gorgeous day and it was also the Winter Park Arts Festival...which I have never been too! Hard to believe since I have lived here for 35 years! I picked up Ann's sweetness of a puppy...Molly along with Morgan and Gracie and drove to Winter Park. It was SOOOO crowded and I finally found a place to park...for $10, but whatever...I was going to be outside, looking at beautiful art, eating kettle corn and drinking an ice cold lemonade...it was worth the $10! We walked a few blocks to get to Park Ave and wouldn't you know it, we got stopped by a police officer telling us pets were not allowed...say what?!! We were soooo bummed! Ann & I tried to walk behind Park Ave to try and sneak past the officers...but they were everywhere. While we were walking on the railroad tracks, we could hear the band playing this "Louisiana cemetery" type music...very sad and dreary and we just laughed thinking it was our theme song for the day! Here we were...two girls and their dogs, walking on "the other side of the tracks" because we couldn't get in...
We ended up heading over to Brio with Nicole and sat outside WITH our dogs to continue to enjoy the beautiful day...but really...NO pets on Park Ave?? That's absurd!

Jump for Joy!!

I haven't entered in a while but when I saw the theme for this week at iheartfaces, I couldn't resist! I took my daughter and her friend out one Saturday just to shoot pictures of them just having fun...and I LOVE this one! It defines both of them...super fun, spontaneous, spunky & beautiful.
Go over to iheartfaces blog and check out more "JUMP" pictures!

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