How come I couldn't think of this?!

One of my favorite blogs to read is Emily @ Chatting at the Sky.  She is an amazing writer and I went to her blog yesterday, which she happened to be blogging about her lamps... she has some very cute ones I must say!  Anyway, I noticed her beautiful arrangement on her dining room table that I asked her what it was made from.  She was so sweet to respond back and would you know, it was greenery from her YARD!  I have lived in my home for almost two years now and have NEVER gone outside to find me some greenery to make a little something for the house...and that is why I stalk other people's blogs!  
So, this morning I went wandering around our yard and found that we have some great trees to cut from!  The red vase was on my dining room table with a candle in it...but now it sits in my kitchen next to my chalkboard sign.  Thank you Emily for the great idea!!

Watch out...I've got chalkboard paint!

I went out and bought a quart of chalkboard paint...and before  you know it, my kids just might be painted!  Nothing...I mean, nothing is safe!  This silver tray I bought at Goodwill for $2.99...woo-hoo!!  Look and see how cute it is now!  The glass jars were just $5.00 and I had the ribbon at the house to add to it...I just LOVED how the jars turned out :)

BEFORE...a plain silver tray...
AFTER...a fun way to display a menu for the night (I know, I need to clean the edges of the tray!)
BEFORE...just a glass jar for flour
AFTER...a whimsical, fun, cute glass flour/sugar jar with chalkboard lables!

For more fun, frugal ideas go on over to The Shabby Nest 

Fix-it Friday



today on iheartfaces you were to download the "before" picture and play around with it to see how you could "fix-it" and make it better through photo editing. i played around on picnik and came up with this...what do you think?

I (heart) faces contest!!!

I was on the way out the door today to run....I stretched...wrestled with my iPod to get it just right...and then I hear...THUNDER!  Sooooo, I headed back in the house and what's a girl to do all cooped up in a dark house with no kids?  Read blogs.  Friends blogs. Favorite blogs. New blogs...hence the contest I am entering!  I found this really cool blog called I (heart) faces

I really love taking pictures and have on occasion taken some cool (at least I think so!) face pics of my friends kids and of course my own and family!  This photo is of my sweet, spunky niece named Maggie.  We were at my parents house in Georgia and Maggie was riding in the golf cart and when it stopped I called her name and just snapped this picture.  I.LOVE.HER.EYES. in this picture...they are such a beautiful blue and I love the way her hair is all tossled from the fun cart ride she just got back from.  Just good 'ol summer time fun.

"I am submitting this photo into the Blurb Book photo contest. I am granting  Faces permission to use my photo in a printed version of a book for commercial use and possibly advertising of a photo book on both the Blurb and ♥ Facesweb sites."

Happy Mothers Day/Happy Birthday!

This year we decided to combine holidays and instead of buying gifts we went to the JW Marriot for 2 days/1 night and then went to Disney for Todd's birthday...isn't it nice of Walt to give us free admission on our special day!  We had a fantastic time at the hotel!  We swam the entire time and what an amazing pool and lazy river we enjoyed!  I really didn't feel like I was only 30 minutes away from very relaxing.  I will say it was stinkin 96 degrees hot!  We loaded up the sunscreen and still got a bit burned.  

Some dear friends sent us a special dessert cart for Todd's birthday and we were totally surprised when we came up for the night.  The kids were too much...drinking the milk from the bottle, trying all the different fun!
Morgan and T.J. are in the pink and yellow tubes in the middle of the pic...
enjoying the lazy river

Awww...Todd and I!  Happy Bday/Mothers Day :)  Check out the awesome firepit behind us...

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