A work in progress...

Today I got really inspired to get our master bedroom decorated...partly because I found these gorgeous plates...and the other part was that they were $1.97 on MAJOR clearance at Stein Mart...whoo hoo! I remembered some designs the Nester has created with plates and that also was a part of my inspiration. So...after moving two laundry baskets out of the way, making my bed and picking up the remnants of paper Gracie chewed and left all over my floor...here are a few pictures of the START of the END of decorating my master!

I think I might add a ribbon to the white plate?...aren't they the cutest?!!

A poem by Morgan...



Wishes to have wings,

Dreams of allowing public schools to worship God,

Wants to save homeless people,

Who wonders what heaven looks like,

Who fears of the ocean,

Who is afraid of dying,

Who likes spending time with my family,

Who believes in God,

Who loves my pets,
Who loves sugary things,
Who loves science,
Who loves sea turtles,

Who plans to be famous,
Who plans to change the world
Who plans to have a good family,

Whose final destination is…heaven.


I am just testing to see if my signature will end up automatically at the end of this post...hope it works!!

I love my new "mistreatment"!!

Whoo-hoo...I did it!! My very first (and definetely not last!) window "mis" treatment! I got inspired by The Nester (hence the IDHTBPTBB motto...it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful). I started out finding this great tablecoth at Home Goods (one of my favorite stores) for $12.99! Then I folded it in half, nailed in some black circle rings into the wall and did a little poofing. Ahh...then my friend suggested I put a black feather boa at the bottom for some fringe and that was done today! I LOVE IT :o)...and the best part? No sewing whatsoever...all hot glue!

First day of 5th grade...last year in elementary!

Well...Morgan started 5th grade today (sniff...sniff) and was so unbelievably excited! She looks so grown up in this picture! Her new thing is scrunching her hair with gel to make it look (& stay!) curly.
We made it a family affair today that started out with a special prayer for Morgan and for her first day at school. Then we all piled in the jeep and walked her in all the way to her classroom (and am sooo thankful she wanted us to go!)
This is Morgan getting into to her class at her desk. The girl the other pink shirt is a good friend of Morgan's from last year and was so excited to see Morgan this morning in class.
After picking up Morgan today, I asked her what the best things about today were and this was her answer...
"I felt so big and strong...cuz you know the 5th graders are all so big!"
"Alot of people said my hair looked good." and finally....
"Mom, they said if you forget to do your missed work then you will get a detention!"
All in all, she LOVED her first day and that is all that matters...until tomorrow!

Our family RV trip...movie to come!

Both of the "beasts" parked at the welcome center in South Carolina...

We just got back from two weeks on the road in these RV's with the Okaty family. We camped in Hilton Head and spent the day in Charleston, Lake Toxaway, Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, and finally Stone Mountain in Atlanta. Hilton Head by far was our favorite destination. Our site was right in front of the tennis courts and pool and our lot was brick pavers so we didn't need to pull out the carpet! It was shaded by many beautiful trees and had asphalt paved roads that were awesome for riding bikes. We even rode up to an ice cream shop one night...so great! I am posting some of my favorites pictures but I will probably do a slide show because their are just too many!

Here we are in Hilton Head waiting to eat at the Salty Dog Cafe...2 hour wait!!

Todd (aka..."THE SEWER BANDIT"!!) This was his first experience emptying the sewer!

The kids feeding the fish at our campground. Their was this crystal clear creek running right through the campground...so beautiful!

We had a great day on Lake Toxaway as you can see! Morgan riding the hotdog with Alex and Reagan (friends of the Okaty's).

The picture above is of Mike, Nicole, Ethan and Emma...our sweet friends we RV'd with for two weeks.

We had an AMAZING day at the Seneff's home in Asheville! We got to visit with Tim & Michelle and their family as well as the Black family and Tim's mom. Swimming, soccer, fishing, eating, tire-swinging, talking, walking, feeding horses and just taking in the beautiful scenery were part of our day. Then to top it off, Mrs. Seneff graciously offered up one of the homes for us to stay in for the night. It was so nice to have a hot bath before we were on the road for another week :o)

Morgan and I at the entrance to the playground...it was more like an enchanted garden with a playset, tire swing and apple trees!

Check out Todd in this little car....too cute!

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