Hip Hip Hooray...Morgan gets an "A"!!!

For the past year and a half, Morgan has struggled....and struggled with Math. We have had her tutored, given extra work, we have sat with her many late nights trying to explain concepts, and prayed together for help! Well....today I got a phone call from her teacher letting me know how proud she was because she had been able to tell that Morgan had really been working hard on her math facts (multiplication) and did really well on her multiplication drills. I was so excited at this information and then to top it off, she said that Morgan aced her Math test today!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!! We waited until dinner to tell her as a family and we were all clapping for her and singing her praises!! It was so neat to see the look on her face of accomplishment as for so long she has just been defeated with this.

...even when i am your father...

The other day I grabbed T.J. as he was walking by me and pulled him in for a great big hug. He is still little enough to pick up, snuggle and steal some of those precious moments that get far and few between as they get older. As I was hugging him, I asked him if he would still give me hugs and kisses even when he is older and his reply was priceless...he said "yep, even when I am your father"...I just love his little thought process of automatically thinking that when he gets older he will be my dad! Can they just stay naive for a while longer???
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