8 Sticks of butter!!

So...your wondering about this weird blog title and
why in the world do I have 8 sticks of butter?!!

It's because this week I have lost 2 pounds which equals 8 sticks of butter!

If you know me personally, you know that I have been stuck at a certain
weight forEVER! Like, I could not get the scale to move!

It's been extremely frustrating because I have been working out hard since November,
and trying to watch what I eat. I have struggled with feeling deprived while watching
what seems like everyone around me enjoying eating whatever they want, and here
I was with my 4 oz. of deli meat and a cheese stick....boring!

What's starting to finally click for me is this:
1. I have to commit every day. This is a process
2. While I'm trying to lose the weight, I'll have to really watch what I eat...
short term sacrifice because once I lose, I can have a cheat day now and then :)
3. Drink LOTS of water
4. For me, not having carbs at night is very effective
5. I need at least five days of cardio a week to lose
6. The MOST important...is everyday, I realize that without the Lord, I could not do this!
"I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength" Phil 4:13
(I have this written on my bathroom mirror...great reminder everyday)

See, I think I have finally figured out my "formula"....what works for me! You know that song..."It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time, it's TRICKY"?
It's tricky, tricky, trick-y...You got it right?!
Forever, I have said that was my theme song about weight loss. My body was so tricky
trying to figure out what works. It was never easy for me, like for some people who
stop drinking coke or sweet tea and lose 10 pounds!!

So, I'm super excited I "solved" my formula and am praying for strength, commitment
and to never give up or lose hope during this process. It will be so worth it
in the end...and can't wait to post how many more sticks of butter
have been lost!!

Sorry for the long and maybe more details than you ever thought you would read or know...but it felt so good to write it out...and dear heavens, I can't (nor I wouldn't) do that on Facebook!!


Cat said...

I saw the 8 sticks of butter and I just knew this was going to be a post sharing a Paula Deen recipe. ;) ha ha! All joking aside, GO YOU!

Tracey said...

Hilarious! I was thinking...NOOO Ashley don't make it...resist...and then I read...phew! So proud of you! I will be right there with you...T-minus 7 days!

Between You and Me said...

SO proud of your weight loss!!!

Finding what works for your body is KEY!

Keep it up!

Sam and Harper said...

Yay! I know it feels great to figure out what works!

I will admit I was a bit disappointed you weren't posting a cake recipe ;)

Keep going... once I started to see the scale budge it really gave me incentive to keep going- and here I am 60 pounds lighter! You can do it!

Rachel VanHook said...

This is funny as I just got in from my run and started blogging! It is SOOO hard. I'm still working on that post baby stuff (she's 5 months old) and it 's taking waaaaayyy longer than the first time around!!!! aaaah well...

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