New friends & a City sign

A new sweet friend, Tara Lowry at Between you & Me posted about this "City Sign" that she and her husband made a while back and when I saw it, I knew that!!! Before I show you my attempt...I have to tell you a short version of how we met! It's too cool!
-Shopping in Children's Place when these two cute girls asked about a necklace I was wearing
-I told them I found it off a blog...Lisa Leonard...I think this is when we had an instant connection! We found out we all blogged and (heart) Lisa Leonard!
-To top it off...she had this really sweet southern accent and of course had to find out where she was from...and would you believe it, but her hometown (Clarkesville, GA) is where my parents have lived for four years! We both freaked ironic is that?!
-I also met her precious friend, Tracy from 7294 Cottage Way...who has an adorable family, home and blog too!
-After leaving the store that day, I thanked God for the unusual circumstances that led me to meet two adorable new friends... are some pics of how I made my own City Sign and how mine turned out. Thanks Tara for the wonderful tutorial (you'll prob notice how we framed ours a little different...but I think it worked!)

Putting our boards together in Ann's garage

This part was hilarious! We had to stack up magazines to just the right height so the projector would project our words right where we needed them...this was improvisation at its best!!
Teamwork was key doing this you can see Tara and Ann tracing letters on Tara's board

So here is my almost finished board...but not hanging up yet! I think I am going to put on a little more stain around the frame, so I'll have to post a "totally finished" picture soon!

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