Wild about Kids!

I spent yesterday and today in Lakeland at an event to help raise
money for the Florida Baptist Children's home.

The group is called Women of Compassion.
It was an amazing 24 hours to say the least.
Jennifer O'Neill (former 30 year model for Cover Girl and actress) was
the speaker. Ladies...she brought.down.the.house!
Her testimony is unbelievable and what a blessing to see how
she is using her tragic past for God's glory today.

We had great food...met great women...heard unbelievable testimonies...but the best of all...
Last night we got to spend some time in one of the cottages with the kids!
They took so much pride in serving us dessert, showing us their rooms and just
hanging out and having conversation.
Amazing kids...

These are kids whose parents are addicted to drugs, or they've been abused in
all ways and yet because of God's love and grace as well as The FL Baptist Children's Home are able to get up every day and smile and have peace knowing that they are safe and very loved.

God is stirring up stuff in my heart more and more for this ministry.
How can I care for the LEAST of these? How can God use me?
I don't know exactly what it looks like yet but will be praying for clarity and direction!
I feel like this is the beginning of something...and that EXCITES me girls!

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