Happy Valentines Day

This year I actually pulled out some crafty stuff and WE MADE our own Valentine's Day cards!  Every year I have said we will do it but then I forget...uh hem...I mean procrastinate until it's too late and then we are off to Target to find the perfect card amidst 50 million different themes!!  I was sooo proud of Morgan because she came up with the design on her very own.  Here it is below...it says...."U are the best".  Then we punched in two holes so she could stick a lollipop on the card.

Morgan in the crafting zone...

These are T.J.'s below...he helped a tad :)  We used M&M's ties on with pretty red ribbon to his.  

The three of us had just a ball creating and making our own V-day cards...so much that we will definetely do it again next year!

Monogrammed frame

~Disclaimer~  this is not an original idea...I saw this really cute idea over at Bless My Nest and had to give it a try...especially since I have enough frames laying around for my entire neighborhood!
This is some leftover fabric from some drapes that my friend and I "mistreated"...isn't the fabric sooo purty?!
I guess I forgot to choose the original picture frame, but it was just a plain 'ol white frame with a matte inside.  Of course I had to spray paint it, so I chose a chocolate brown, I mean October Brown :)
I picked the striped fabric and just covered right on top of the matte.  I just used the hot glue gun to wrap the fabric to the back of the matte.
Then I took some white scrapbooking paper, and a brown paint pen to do the monogram.  I could of used my computer with a really cool font BUT...we don't have a printer up yet and I'm just impatient and wanted it to be done.  So in the future I could always just change this out...but I sorta like it right now!
This is the finished project sitting on the bedside table.  You can also see that I took some sandpaper to the frame to rough it up a little...give it that old look.  (The other reason...to cover up some of the dripping spray paint on the frame...)!
Oh yeah...I proudly went to Todd and showed him the beautiful frame I had made for us and where it sat right on his side of the bed.  He looked at it and said..."TWA...Trans World Atlantic"!!!!  What?!!  I said..."No babe, it's T for Todd, A for Ashley and W for Woodard!"    

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