New blog title!!

After a long time of talking, thinking, scribbling ideas trying to figure out a new blog came to me yesterday while posting.
It was literally like a light bulb turned on and instantly I knew it was it! I even had to call someone and say it out loud! new blog name is....

It's the little things...

It's something I often say, it's those things that I try to weave into my life and the lives of others. It's what makes me sit back and think, wow!

I already have someone who is working on my blog to give it a little "makeover" but I said yesterday I would tell my new name and I wanted to hold to that...
but really I just wouldn't of been able to keep it in anyway!

So hopefully soon, It's the little things will have a new, fresh look!

In full bloom...plants and more!

Yep...these are the gardening tools we used today!
We have kids. They use our stuff and lose our gardening shovel.
So what's a girl to do? Head to the beach bag for a high quality diggin shovel!

So here we go!
First we dig up and move some plants...hope they survive!

Ummm...what in the world?!
This picture is for you Andrea!

The first bed is finished...except for a little edging
that needs to be done by the man.
I'd totally do it...but I can't start the thing!

The second bed...D.O.N.E. (I know...edging!)
Oh...and these are the flowers. The "little things matter" flowers :)

Planter by front door...
LOVE the daisies :) They make me happy!

So I show you a picture of my front porch because...

It's bare, bare, bare!!!
I am thinking a couple of chairs, a table and two beautiful flower pots by the front door.
Maybe a cute welcome sign to the left of the door...

Oh...and I am soooo flippin excited!!!
My blog name came to me...while writing this post y'all!!
I've been thinking so long and hard and over thinking
til I have made myself crazy over it.

Tomorrow I will announce my new name and to come will
be a redesigned blog to go with it.

The plants are in bloom and my blog is too!

I'm giddy :)

It's the little things

One of my favorite things to do...
is going to our local nursery and picking out flowers!
I'm embarrassed to say I have some sick looking poinsettias on my front porch still.
My berry wreaths on my door which last from Christmas thru Valentine's Day are coming down
It's time to "Spring-a-fy" the house!

We bought a ton of plants today...
11 of the daisies
11 of the purple ground cover ones
30 little alyssum plants and a few petunias.

My husband and I LOVE alyssum and petunias.
The "plant" lady who helped us told us that the alyssum and petunias are winter plants.
She was trying to convince us not to buy them because they might only last two months.
At check-out, my husband couldn't take it and went back for the plants!
That totally made me smile :)

In fact, he smiled tonight as he was admiring the new plants in our yard.

If you are around me enough you will often hear me say...
"It's the little things that make a difference"...
And if the plants we love only last two months...then we'll enjoy them for two months!


More pics to come after we finish planting!

Memories of a dreamy vacation

Every night, I came back to this setup...dreamy huh?!
The Mr. and I out on the beach
The view from our room
Another great view on the property...
I don't think I could E.V.E.R. get tired of seeing this every day!

I am here...

I am here...The Montage in Laguna Beach. My husband is in meetings all day (poor guy!) and I am about to go on a beach walk on this amazing beach right outside our room.

I'm not going to lie...I am feeling very spoiled here. When I want to go downtown, they send driver in a Mercedes to take me there. When I am ready to come back...he picks me back up.

At night, slippers are placed where my feet hit the floor, ready for when I get out of bed in the morning.

I haven't had to think about what to cook...the food is beyond amazing and my bed gets made every day.

I will enjoy being "spoiled" for a few more days and love having time with just Todd and I to reconnect and just be a couple.

Off to walk the beach!

A guest post and guest room pics!

Today I am guest posting over on Tracey's blog :) The pictures of my guest room and the process of how we transformed my armoire are there, so hop on over and check it out!

Sneak Peek

On Thursday, I am privileged to guest post on my friend, Tracey's blog and I will show the pictures from my guest room redo. I thought today I could at least show you a piece of furniture that Tracey and I repurposed or otherwise...gave some MAJOR LOVE too!

Here is the before...

and AFTER...

I am absolutely in LOVE ...sometimes I find myself peeking in the room just to get another look at she still there...she just makes the room! Oh...and remember, this dresser was my husbands growing up. I'm pretty sure it was a "Him"...but we've performed an operation because she's definitely a "Her"!!

Come see my post on Thursday on how we performed this operation and the guest room pictures! Thanks for stopping by!

8 Sticks of butter!!

So...your wondering about this weird blog title and
why in the world do I have 8 sticks of butter?!!

It's because this week I have lost 2 pounds which equals 8 sticks of butter!

If you know me personally, you know that I have been stuck at a certain
weight forEVER! Like, I could not get the scale to move!

It's been extremely frustrating because I have been working out hard since November,
and trying to watch what I eat. I have struggled with feeling deprived while watching
what seems like everyone around me enjoying eating whatever they want, and here
I was with my 4 oz. of deli meat and a cheese stick....boring!

What's starting to finally click for me is this:
1. I have to commit every day. This is a process
2. While I'm trying to lose the weight, I'll have to really watch what I eat...
short term sacrifice because once I lose, I can have a cheat day now and then :)
3. Drink LOTS of water
4. For me, not having carbs at night is very effective
5. I need at least five days of cardio a week to lose
6. The MOST everyday, I realize that without the Lord, I could not do this!
"I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength" Phil 4:13
(I have this written on my bathroom mirror...great reminder everyday)

See, I think I have finally figured out my "formula"....what works for me! You know that song..."It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time, it's TRICKY"?
It's tricky, tricky, trick-y...You got it right?!
Forever, I have said that was my theme song about weight loss. My body was so tricky
trying to figure out what works. It was never easy for me, like for some people who
stop drinking coke or sweet tea and lose 10 pounds!!

So, I'm super excited I "solved" my formula and am praying for strength, commitment
and to never give up or lose hope during this process. It will be so worth it
in the end...and can't wait to post how many more sticks of butter
have been lost!!

Sorry for the long and maybe more details than you ever thought you would read or know...but it felt so good to write it out...and dear heavens, I can't (nor I wouldn't) do that on Facebook!!

A friend, her first blog birthday and a giveaway!

I already blogged about my sweet friend, Tara and the random way we met.
I have two people to thank for that...God and Lisa Leonard! is Tara's first blog birthday and if you have not
been to her blog, you are missing out!
You must go. Like right now. I'll wait....

You love it, right?! I knew you would!!

She's real, authentic, sweet, beautiful, creative and has an amazing North Georgia accent!

She is giving away her family rules sign which are absolutely a.dor.a.ble!! Personalized with your own family rules! So go back on over & leave a never know!

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