Good Times


Saturday we went to the very first UCF football game in the new stadium! It was such an awesome day...despite being a million degrees and our tailgating tent being stolen! We got on campus at 9:00 and played football, walked around and shopped some in the Barnes & Noble. We were invited to a tailgating party where they rented an R.V. for the day! Praise the Lord for A.C.!!

Our future Golden Knight cheerleader??

Ashley's new doo!

Well...I decided Thursday that I needed a haircut...and on Friday I was in the salon chair with a picture of a new style I wanted!!! I love the change and thought I would share my before and after pictures that I took.



T.J.'s family birthday party

We kept it simple for a party and invited Mum & PawPaw, Grandma Carlisle, Aunt Courtney, Kenny, Jenni, Savannah & Josh Hobbs. T.J. picked out his ice cream cake at Bruesters today and of course got them to write "Happy Birthday T.J." in his favorite! We all sang happy birthday and got all sugared up again!! The cake was soooo good! It was vanilla ice cream, caramel and vanilla cake...yummy!

T.J. opened his gifts and got a Super Soaker water gun, a Pirates of the Carribean coloring book, and lots of gift cards. He will love going shopping!
What a great day! It is hard to believe my baby is 7 years old...he sure is growing up fast!

T.J. is seven!!

Today was a big day for T.J. He woke up today to his birthday present on his wall! Todd got him this life size Tampa Bucs helmet from FatHeads...sounds like a guy thing doesn't it?? We put it up last night while he was fast asleep and snoring!

Morgan woke him up this morning...he is not a morning person and was very sleepy from a late night at church on needless to say, he was not jumping and shouting like Todd thought he would! When he finally came to, he was very excited and couldn't wait to show his friends.

I baked cupcakes for school and T.J. requested chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. He and Morgan got to decorate the muffins this morning...load em up with sugar and send them to school...yikes!!

2007 summer to video

View this montage created at One True Media
Lake Hartwell 2007

Labor Day

Today we went to Blizzard Beach for an early birthday celebration for T.J. It is so hard to believe he will be seven on Thursday! We went with the Hobbs family and the kids had a blast. We treated T.J. to a "bucket of ice cream" for a birthday treat. We had one bucket and four spoons and they all ate until they were sick! The weather turned out to be storms!!
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