too pretty to eat....nahhh!!!

while i was at the grocery the other day, the cake/cupcake/brownie/cookie isle was just a callin my i visited them and decided to bring home yellow cake mix and strawberry and vanilla icing...mmmm! i had alot of left over random sprinkles and this is what i came up with! then i had to get out my camera and play. this photography thing is way new to me so right now i am just playing with my camera... love the colors of the cupcakes!

ya might be a REDNECK if....

you find an ALLIGATOR chillin in your neighborhood!!! yep...we saw this "baby" on our way out to a friends house and of course i had my camera with me!


My dream of FINALLY having a puppy came true!! Last Saturday we went to pick out our little cockapoo...Gracie. As we were trying to decide on a puppy, we kept going back to her because we just loved her coloring! She was the only one in the litter with these know, she is already one of a kind! She has been such a good puppy...she only wakes us once at night to go outside and when she cries I just put my hand in the crate and she goes right back to sleep. She is coming out of her shyness and LOVES when we play with her. She is a ball of energy...great for the kids! Keep checking back for updates...maybe I'll have her in an outfit next time (hee hee!).
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