It's out with the old and in with the new...

I'm the kind of person who likes things to change up a bit. Some families do that by moving to different places or some get new cars frequently but for me...well we aren't going anywhere (already got us a plot in the Oviedo cemetary!! j.k.!!) and we are driving the cars we have now into the ground, so making changes in the house is what I can do~
So, here is a picture of the "old" fabric that was on my kitchen chairs...can you see the greasy fingerprints? I swear, my kids thought they were sitting on a napkin at the dinner table with how many times they wiped their dirty little fingers on it!!
O.K. enough whining on that subject! My sweet friend Tara is helping me make some drapes...the tricky thing in my house is it is very open, so colors really need to play on each other and flow well. I finally found a beautiful brown,green,blue, and black striped fabric for the drapes but notice pink and green polka dots (although very cute!!) would not go!

Now take a look at the new and improved fabric below! I ABSOLUTELY love puts a smile on my face when I see it:o) The colors are all there but in a WHIMSICAL paisley pattern. I know it is sort of summery, but HEY we live in Florida and it is basically summer all the time anyway right?! When we get the drapes done and all hung up "Nester" style, I will certainly post pictures for all to see~

And...a new rule in our house...Don't wipe your greasy fingers on my new cute chair covers!!

Get your own signature on your blog

Some of you have wondered about how I put my own signature on my blog and I thought I would just post you the link where I started. Go to the link below and she gives great directions on how to do it! When you get to the actual signature page, I did not use my mouse to create my own...because it looked like a preschooler signed my name!! I just picked a font I liked for my signature...just a little info in case you thought I actually signed my name with a computer mouse that cute!!

the weather is HOT but it is fall around here...

I am definetely ready for some cooler weather...amen?! So, I thought if I started putting out my fall decorations, it might encourage some cooler weather! I love love living in Florida, but one thing I wish we had were four seasons, leaves changing & crisp air. are some pictures of what I have done around here to make it fall-like at our house. These frames had old pictures in them that I didn't like anymore, so I took the glass and picture out and painted the frames with some leftover acrylic paint I had laying around. The big one is a brown/bronze color and the middle one took about 5 colors to get it right!
This idea I absolutely LOVE but cannot take ownership for at all! I got the idea from The Joys of Home blog. The black berries wreaths are from the dollar store and started out as Christmas wreaths until I gave them a few sprays of black spray paint to give them a spooky look for Halloween.
The frame is from the dollar store as well...that's right...$1.00!!! I was supposed to print out the "BOO" letters but my printer ran out of black ink today and you know me...I couldn't wait. So, I just got out my paint pens and printed the letters myself.

the big second grader...

I know I am behind on this post, but better is late than never! T.J. has had an awesome start to second grade...phew! Last year this time was rough! He has a great teacher who knew T.J. last year in first grade as she was right next door to his class...Mrs. Robins0n. So far, the only time he has been on "yellow" was he was finishing his work before the rest of the class. T.J. has a very competive spirit and likes to be the best at everything he does and apparently, finishing first is the best to him...we are working on that but do love his enthusiasm~
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