House of Blues!!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a note to let you all know that on Sunday before Labor Day I came home to half of our house flooded!! The hot water heater (in Todd's closet) broke and water went EVERYWHERE! As of now, they are tearing up our wood floors in our dining room, den (where the pool table was), office and master bedroom carpet. It is an absolute construction zone! I have been mentally having a hard time dealing with it as the days get longer and it looks like it will be two weeks before flooring will be done. All of the furniture that had to be moved is in my kitchen, master bedroom (for now) and even on our porch. Just to give you an when I needed to get dressed I had to manuever between the piano, move a huge bookshelf, step on a pair of Todd's dress shoes (yikes!), squeeze in between the bed and another dresser...phew! I finally made it to my underwear drawer!! The shoes I wore to my bedroom I had to remove to go back to the part of the house not damaged so I wouldn't get wood glue everywhere! Anyway...that's what is going on here. Oh, I also have been trying to update my blog which I am at a halt since we don't have a computer at the moment, but I have lost all of your blog addresses. Would you mind emailing me if you get a second so I can re-enter them back on the blog? Thanks so much....I'll update soon!

Girls just wanna have fun!

This past weekend for our 6th year in a row, we got together for our annual Girls Weekend. We were sooo excited to have Mandy with us too! We stayed in Clarkesville at my parents house....thanks mom and dad! We went shopping at the outlets in Dawsonville and even saw Vern from Trading Spaces at Restoration Hardware!! He even opened the door for me :o) We also stuffed our bellies at the Smith House for a good ol' southern dinner! Fried chicken, fried okra, creamed corn, green beans and butter beans, rolls, sweet potatoes....can't you just taste it! On Saturday we were supposed to be on a boat and jet skis but when we got up it was 40 degrees!! These Florida girls just couldn't do it. So we spent part of the day at a festival downtown and ate a yummy mexican lunch. Then we all went back and some took naps, some read or did Sudoko!! What a relaxing day! We also cooked dinner was sort of the center of what we did...but it was all good! Then it was off to Helen for dessert...candy apples, funnel cake and yummy chocolate! At night, we turned on the music and tried to dance some calories off. What a great, great weekend with the girls! Six down, sixty to go :o)
Twin sisters! Mandy and I bought the same outfit at Black House White Market...don't we look cute??
My daddy got up on Friday and cooked us a wonderful country breakfast! We felt like princesses being served. Thank you so much Dad!
A picture of my family...minus my sister Courtney. We missed you! This was right off the road on the way to Helen and it was such a beautiful spot to stop and have photo op.

This is a picture of me, Jen and Mandy at the candy store in Helen eating our yummy treats.

Mother's Day Treasures

Sunday morning I awoke to two excited children presenting me with handmade treasures. There was a huge "Happy Mother's Day" sign, each one had a note of why they appreciate me (above), t.j. drew a picture for me and Morgan wrote me a letter. Also they had made coupons of things they will do for me. The funny thing was is on Saturday Todd had "confined" them to the playroom to "clean" and they both kept telling me they couldn't come down because they weren't finished cleaning...and they weren't fighting...and the t.v wasn't on...hmmmm! They were so adorable trying to hide what they were doing. Not only did this mean so much to me, but I was so thankful to Todd for "organinzing" all this to happen. They also presented me with beautiful pink roses, a Barnie's and a Sonic gift card. We went to church, then brunch and then on to Todd's parents to celebrate his birthday too! We had a great time over there and the cousins were so excited to see each was indeed a great day!

The Big Apple

Here we are taking a self portrait in Central Park. It was a gorgeous, warm day and we explored all around the park. Todd tracked in on his GPS and figured we walked like 5 miles! I broke down and put on my tennis shoes with my outfit...comfort beat cute!!

The tulips were breathtaking...this was one of my favorite pictures. Amongst all the yellow was one pretty red one.
While Matt and Todd were in meetings, Lauren and I hung out. Here we are in the courtyard of our hotel, The Palace. Lauren was freaking out because they were filming shots for "Gossip Girl" and all the stars from the show were there. It was a beautiful hotel. The best part to me was the was the most comfortable bed I have EVER slept in!!
I really wanted to see a someone famous in NYC...but we had to go to the wax museum to see them instead. Here we are posing with Julia her!
and with Jessica Simpson!

We did do the NYC thing and see a broadway play. We saw "Curtains", which was a murder-mystery with David Hyde Pierce (from Frasier). It was so very first broadway show in NYC. I am hooked and will have to see one every time we go now!
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