"Blue" photo contest

I decided on this picture of TJ for the "Blue" photo as I just LOVE the blue background and of course those BLUE eyes!

Check out I heart faces for more photos!

He got it

Just when I thought TJ wasn't paying attention in church yesterday...which wasn't hard to figure out since he was drawing fighter planes on the bulletin, he wrote this in his Bible.

"When you go to church do you just have a mask on? You shake people's hands, say your a christian. You might not really be a christian. Do you really want to wear the mask? Also, put God first, people second. Enjoy your life without the mask on and live a life with joy, happyness, and not faking to be a Christian. God is our SUPER God and not just any kind of God."

Thank you God for this gift!

Ahhh....it's been too long!

I have really been in the crafting "mood" lately which is probably why I haven't posted on my blog in a while...(NOT!  but it just sounded like a good excuse...).  Actually, things have been quite busy here with school and sports going again.  When I have had a free moment, I have been working on painting a personalized canvas for over Morgan's bed.  It turned out really cute (for my first one)...and it is definitely not perfect as you will see in the picture!  I tried fixing up a mistake and the spot of course showed up darker than the rest of the paint BUT that's OK!  Overall...I really do love it and thinks it adds just the right touch of whimsy to her room.

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