Polka dot piggy

Several years ago my friend and I started our own little business painting personalized piggy banks called "Grace & Baby Duck".  Isn't it the cutest name?!  When I was little, my mom used to call me Grace (mainly because I ran into EVERYTHING...walls, mailboxes, you name it!) and Rebecca's mom used to call her Baby Duck...so that is how we came up with the name.  We had a blast doing it together and had our banks in about 15 stores as far away as Texas!  It was fun while it lasted but eventually just got to be too much.  Rebecca and I still are very close friends...she actually went back to school and performs sonograms on OB patients now :)  But...I still get an occasional call now and then to paint a piggy bank...and have sort of created a new style with polka dots and a cute bow.  I LOVE polka dots and CUTE ribbon...and still LOVE to personalize and paint piggy banks!

I absolutely am crazy over this one with the pink and black...too darn cute!  (Thanks Allison for being my very best customer!!...I hope Avery loves her new bank!)

And off she goes...

My sweet girl is heading to Savannah, GA tomorrow for a mission trip on her Spring Break.  Can I just brag a minute?  I am so proud of her for sacrificing her time away from school to go and serve others.  She has spent the past five months every Sunday preparing for this trip.  Morgan is in the puppet group and she has had a ball learning puppets!!  They are going to a children's home to do puppets, sign language, drama and singing as well as hanging with the children and loving on them.  Each of the kids have prepared their testimony and will be sharing that throughout the trip.  I am just so grateful to God for her servants heart and willingness to go...and I just pray that her love for others and wanting to serve will just keep on increasing as she grows.  Thank you God for blessing us with Morgan Brooke and I can't wait until Thursday when she comes back to hear how Your love was shown in Savannah!

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