It's the little things

One of my favorite things to do...
is going to our local nursery and picking out flowers!
I'm embarrassed to say I have some sick looking poinsettias on my front porch still.
My berry wreaths on my door which last from Christmas thru Valentine's Day are coming down
It's time to "Spring-a-fy" the house!

We bought a ton of plants today...
11 of the daisies
11 of the purple ground cover ones
30 little alyssum plants and a few petunias.

My husband and I LOVE alyssum and petunias.
The "plant" lady who helped us told us that the alyssum and petunias are winter plants.
She was trying to convince us not to buy them because they might only last two months.
At check-out, my husband couldn't take it and went back for the plants!
That totally made me smile :)

In fact, he smiled tonight as he was admiring the new plants in our yard.

If you are around me enough you will often hear me say...
"It's the little things that make a difference"...
And if the plants we love only last two months...then we'll enjoy them for two months!


More pics to come after we finish planting!


Team Jenkins said...

love this! you ARE right - it IS the little things. make sure and get pics of todd getting down and dirty planting those things ... :)

Tracey said...

Sweet post! Can't wait to see the finished product!

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