In full bloom...plants and more!

Yep...these are the gardening tools we used today!
We have kids. They use our stuff and lose our gardening shovel.
So what's a girl to do? Head to the beach bag for a high quality diggin shovel!

So here we go!
First we dig up and move some plants...hope they survive!

Ummm...what in the world?!
This picture is for you Andrea!

The first bed is finished...except for a little edging
that needs to be done by the man.
I'd totally do it...but I can't start the thing!

The second bed...D.O.N.E. (I know...edging!)
Oh...and these are the flowers. The "little things matter" flowers :)

Planter by front door...
LOVE the daisies :) They make me happy!

So I show you a picture of my front porch because...

It's bare, bare, bare!!!
I am thinking a couple of chairs, a table and two beautiful flower pots by the front door.
Maybe a cute welcome sign to the left of the door...

Oh...and I am soooo flippin excited!!!
My blog name came to me...while writing this post y'all!!
I've been thinking so long and hard and over thinking
til I have made myself crazy over it.

Tomorrow I will announce my new name and to come will
be a redesigned blog to go with it.

The plants are in bloom and my blog is too!

I'm giddy :)


Tracey said...

Hey Giddy-So glad you figured it out! Daisys were my wedding flower! I have some flower pots you can have for your front porch!

Team Jenkins said...

totally love the shout out! tell todd that i'm impressed that a) he looks a bit sweaty in the pic and b) he DOES know how to use a shovel ... i think??!!

love it - can't wait to see what you do to the porch. so wished you were closer. i've got the crafting/redoing/thrifting/painting whatever's in sight bug ... i'm sticking close to your blog! :)

Between You and Me said...

love the work you guys did in your yard....we're planning to do the same thing after andy gets back from spring break!

Playing Sublimely said...

Oh my goodness it looks so jealous!
me :)

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