How come I couldn't think of this?!

One of my favorite blogs to read is Emily @ Chatting at the Sky.  She is an amazing writer and I went to her blog yesterday, which she happened to be blogging about her lamps... she has some very cute ones I must say!  Anyway, I noticed her beautiful arrangement on her dining room table that I asked her what it was made from.  She was so sweet to respond back and would you know, it was greenery from her YARD!  I have lived in my home for almost two years now and have NEVER gone outside to find me some greenery to make a little something for the house...and that is why I stalk other people's blogs!  
So, this morning I went wandering around our yard and found that we have some great trees to cut from!  The red vase was on my dining room table with a candle in it...but now it sits in my kitchen next to my chalkboard sign.  Thank you Emily for the great idea!!


Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

The greenery looks fabulous! I too never think to go out in my yard for greenery. Only for whipp'n sticks (just kidding). I love the chalkboard & that you gave Emily credit.

Jeni said...

Love it Ash...and love the shout out to Emily. Don't you just love her blog!! Hope you all are having a great summer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,

Love your blog. Your photos are beautiful. And love your post about the greenery. Yes indeed, that's a great idea and I must say, a cheap one too. Woo hoo. Thanks for listing me on your blog. I need to do the same when I update mine. I've been in and out all summer, but am gearing up to get focused once again. Hope your summer has been good.

Debby Henry

Debby Henry said...

Okay, I didn't mean to remain anonymous. Let me try this again.

Debby Henry

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