Happy Mothers Day/Happy Birthday!

This year we decided to combine holidays and instead of buying gifts we went to the JW Marriot for 2 days/1 night and then went to Disney for Todd's birthday...isn't it nice of Walt to give us free admission on our special day!  We had a fantastic time at the hotel!  We swam the entire time and what an amazing pool and lazy river we enjoyed!  I really didn't feel like I was only 30 minutes away from home...so very relaxing.  I will say it was stinkin hot...like 96 degrees hot!  We loaded up the sunscreen and still got a bit burned.  

Some dear friends sent us a special dessert cart for Todd's birthday and we were totally surprised when we came up for the night.  The kids were too much...drinking the milk from the bottle, trying all the different desserts...how fun!
Morgan and T.J. are in the pink and yellow tubes in the middle of the pic...
enjoying the lazy river

Awww...Todd and I!  Happy Bday/Mothers Day :)  Check out the awesome firepit behind us...


Misty said...

What a great way to celebrate! Happy Mother's Day to you and B-day to Todd!

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