A work in progress...

Today I got really inspired to get our master bedroom decorated...partly because I found these gorgeous plates...and the other part was that they were $1.97 on MAJOR clearance at Stein Mart...whoo hoo! I remembered some designs the Nester has created with plates and that also was a part of my inspiration. So...after moving two laundry baskets out of the way, making my bed and picking up the remnants of paper Gracie chewed and left all over my floor...here are a few pictures of the START of the END of decorating my master!

I think I might add a ribbon to the white plate?...aren't they the cutest?!!


Jeni said...

Love the plates on the wall!!! I just bought some at a thrift store to spray paint and hang on the wall in my dining room. That Nester has some great ideas doesn't she.

southerninspiration said...

Love the color of those plates.....why not consider adding a rub-on monogram to the center white platter??? Your bed is lovely, and I love your colors!


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