The Big Apple

Here we are taking a self portrait in Central Park. It was a gorgeous, warm day and we explored all around the park. Todd tracked in on his GPS and figured we walked like 5 miles! I broke down and put on my tennis shoes with my outfit...comfort beat cute!!

The tulips were breathtaking...this was one of my favorite pictures. Amongst all the yellow was one pretty red one.
While Matt and Todd were in meetings, Lauren and I hung out. Here we are in the courtyard of our hotel, The Palace. Lauren was freaking out because they were filming shots for "Gossip Girl" and all the stars from the show were there. It was a beautiful hotel. The best part to me was the was the most comfortable bed I have EVER slept in!!
I really wanted to see a someone famous in NYC...but we had to go to the wax museum to see them instead. Here we are posing with Julia her!
and with Jessica Simpson!

We did do the NYC thing and see a broadway play. We saw "Curtains", which was a murder-mystery with David Hyde Pierce (from Frasier). It was so very first broadway show in NYC. I am hooked and will have to see one every time we go now!


i'm kelly said...

looks like a fun trip.

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