Mother's Day Treasures

Sunday morning I awoke to two excited children presenting me with handmade treasures. There was a huge "Happy Mother's Day" sign, each one had a note of why they appreciate me (above), t.j. drew a picture for me and Morgan wrote me a letter. Also they had made coupons of things they will do for me. The funny thing was is on Saturday Todd had "confined" them to the playroom to "clean" and they both kept telling me they couldn't come down because they weren't finished cleaning...and they weren't fighting...and the t.v wasn't on...hmmmm! They were so adorable trying to hide what they were doing. Not only did this mean so much to me, but I was so thankful to Todd for "organinzing" all this to happen. They also presented me with beautiful pink roses, a Barnie's and a Sonic gift card. We went to church, then brunch and then on to Todd's parents to celebrate his birthday too! We had a great time over there and the cousins were so excited to see each was indeed a great day!


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