House of Blues!!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a note to let you all know that on Sunday before Labor Day I came home to half of our house flooded!! The hot water heater (in Todd's closet) broke and water went EVERYWHERE! As of now, they are tearing up our wood floors in our dining room, den (where the pool table was), office and master bedroom carpet. It is an absolute construction zone! I have been mentally having a hard time dealing with it as the days get longer and it looks like it will be two weeks before flooring will be done. All of the furniture that had to be moved is in my kitchen, master bedroom (for now) and even on our porch. Just to give you an when I needed to get dressed I had to manuever between the piano, move a huge bookshelf, step on a pair of Todd's dress shoes (yikes!), squeeze in between the bed and another dresser...phew! I finally made it to my underwear drawer!! The shoes I wore to my bedroom I had to remove to go back to the part of the house not damaged so I wouldn't get wood glue everywhere! Anyway...that's what is going on here. Oh, I also have been trying to update my blog which I am at a halt since we don't have a computer at the moment, but I have lost all of your blog addresses. Would you mind emailing me if you get a second so I can re-enter them back on the blog? Thanks so much....I'll update soon!


steve and randel hambrick said...

what a mess!! ugh!

like the new look of your blog. my blog address is :

love you!

Legendofsellers said...

OUr blog addy is..
Hope all goes well with the construction!!! :)

Team Jenkins said...

Yikes!!!!! How is it that Murphy's Law strikes yall often???!!!! I would be insane . . . let's just say that Bo would really have to tranquilize me . . .

Here's our blog address

Hang in there - it will be even better than before when it's done!!

An for the Team L)

i'm kelly said...

oh no! that is so awful! we had a similar problem once when our washing machine (which is upstairs) pulled away from the wall, flooding downstairs.

Jeni said...

I feel your pain.....7 months w/out a kitchen about did me in when we remodeled last year. Our blog address is

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