From Gilded gold to Glossy white!

So, my husband bought me this frame several years ago as a surprise! It was in our dining room, above our mantel, in our bedroom and most recently leaning up against a wall in my hallway collecting dust! The look of the frame was not working for me and I've been wanting a big it was time to repurpose!
Here I am spray painting the frame glossy like the heat of day! What in the world was I thinking?! I ended up having to bring the frame in the house to finish drying because it was sooo humid. Then I painted three coats of chalk board paint...and here it is all finished!
I changed the sign to say "Summer Memories" so we can record all that we have done and will do. At the end of the summer, I will take a picture of the board with all our memories on it! As soon as my hubby and I hang it, I'll be sure to post again to show you where it is...and all the memories recorded!


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