My achy-breaky heart...

Middle school girls. Their moms. Their decisions. Being left out...again...
Here's the situation.
M has a dance tonight. I told her to invite some friends to come home with us tonight.
She invited three. They are going to swim, eat pizza, do hair, and giggle...alot!
I decided to let her invite them to spend the night after the dance.
Yesterday, when I asked if they could stay the night, she replied...
"No, they are all sleeping at W's house"
I said, "Were you invited?"...
M said, "No mom...but it's OK"
And that's again where my heart broke for her.
What's ONE more girl in the grand scheme of things??

So we are having the girls today after school, and they will be going back to a sleepover
while I pick up M to come home.
Silliness. Hurtful. Exclusion.
I'll never understand it. Never.

M amazes me though. Love that girl!
I'm thinking a beach trip tomorrow might be just what we need :)


Between You and Me said...

absolutely breaks my heart.

saying prayers for her heart to be protected in these years when girls can be meaner than ever!

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