"It's not about me..."

This girl blew me away tonight with these words..."Mom, It's not about me...". She recently started babysitting and has been making pretty good money! We talked about how much she should tithe and talked about starting to save money in a bank account. Then I mentioned that she and I could go shopping if there was anything she was wanting since she had worked so hard to earn the money. Silence. Then she said..."Mom, I really wanted to go and buy presents for this family that I helped paint their house over the summer. They have five girls and they really took a liking to me and I got to know them a little over that week. They don't have much and I really wanted to go buy them some Christmas presents and I just didn't want to make this about me." Tonight I saw through to this girl's heart...a heart after Jesus and a love for others. Tonight...I learned a lesson from my 12 year old about what Christmas is really about...and it's not about me at all.


Misty said...

What a beautiful soul that child has. Don't forget, she learned it from you!!!! Merry Christmas!

Jeni said...

How sweet! What a Christmas present it is to see that your children obviously have the love of Jesus in their hearts!!

I miss seeing you on FB, not that I get on there much. Your family is beautiful, both inside and out.

Merry Christmas!!

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