Homemade ornament EXTRAVAGANZA!

This is something I look forward to every year! Like I'm already thinking about next year! And you know what...every year, I wonder if ornaments can really get better or more creative...and the answer is a YES! Y'all...I have some friends with talent okay! :) And not only are they creative, but they ALL love the Lord with all their hearts and have blessed me by being able to call them friends.
We ate and ate lots of yummy appetizers and continued to eat scrumptious desserts, drink coffee and have great conversations and laughs. Then we each passed out our ornament we made...some with great anticipation and some with "disclaimers" they TRIED to say before handing it out! (One rule: you can't say anything negative about your ornament before handing it out! Some tried to break that rule...you know who you are! wink, wink)
It was like Christmas morning for my crafty friends! Lots of empty gift bags, tissue paper strewn everywhere and happy, happy girls!
This year I had four new friends join in...Jenni, Karen, Tracey from 7294 Cottage Way and Tara L from Between You and Me. You have to check out their blogs...you will love it and in turn LOVE them!


Between You and Me said...

I look so tired in that picture....what fun we had that night...especially playing "picture man" while trying to find the perfect picture of ourselves.

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