Checking out for a bit...going to the Big Apple!

I'm sooo excited! In less than two hours, I will be on my way to NYC to meet up with my momma and sister! We are going for a girl's weekend to celebrate my sister's 35th birthday...and she has NEVER been to the city! I imagine it would be like taking a child to Disney for the first time...but on steriods!!

On the itinerary is the broadway play, Mamma Mia...going to the Nate Bertkus in Central Park...being a crazy fan on the Today Show...and lots more!

I'll be sure to post pictures next week...bye!!


Team Jenkins said...

just went last weekend for a girls weekend. we saw mama mia - sooooooo fun! central park - do the resevoir run ... beautiful. try to run brooklyn bridge too - gorgeous in the a.m.

little italy - yum ... farrara's - yummier ... butter - yummiest!

be sure to check out ground zero and the memorial there in the little chapel - amazing and so touching.

yall have a blast - we sure did!!! :)

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