weekend recap

Todd & I helped at Morgan's field day
even though Todd was on crutches...he was committed to being there
What a daddy :)

The boy had his last soccer game of the season
Our sweet neighbors came to cheer him on too!
He played UNBELIEVABLE, MONSTER soccer! I love watching him play :)
Oh yea...they won! (Remember that I'm competitive?!)

I had such an itch to craft...repurpose...buy something...ahhh!!
Since I was out of money, I brought out the spray paint...Heirloom White (smile)
Painted gold accessories to make them less dressy...more casual...more "cottagey"!
And Gracie sat in the road, with her ball...just watching me go spray paint wild!

Met up with friends after church at the dog park and while throwing
around the dog toy, it got stuck in a tree
Matt put TJ on his shoulders and used Todd's crutches to try and get it...
no luck! But TJ had fun trying!
Morgan tried to teach Gracie to jump over the ropes! We have
been loving taking our family to the dog park!


Between You and Me said...

love these pictures of your weekend!

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