Isn't she lovely...(singing the song in my head!)

Yesterday I got the itch...
the itch to buy something!
Nothing imparticular
but I knew whatever it was...
it would jump out at me!
Went to TJ MAXX...nothing
Off to Stein Mart...notta
Went to Bed, Bath & Beyone...zilch...PLUS, that place is sooo overpriced!!
My next to last stop before Target was
City Bargains.
If you live in Orlando, you should know about City Bargains!

I walked down to the back of the store and she caught my eye
Finished walking the store and I knew I had to have her...

I just love the description of the lamp on my receipt..."Pretty white lamp"...
One question though to my "repurposers"...not sure if that is a word, but if you know what it means...then it is! :) Should I do anything different or leave her just the way I got her?? The one thing I wasn't sure about was the trim on the shade...or even a different shade? Would love your thoughts!
But for now...I'll keep singing...

Isn't she lovely
Isn't she wonderful
Isn't she precious
Less than one minute old
I never thought through love we'd be
Making one as lovely as she
But isn't she lovely made from love


Playing Sublimely said...

Um, I totally like you ;) very nice to meet you! You and your blog are so stinkin cute...hope to see you again sometime :)!

mandy said...

I love it...she is so lovely. I think the shade looks great, it's all a uniform color. Where did you put it?

Tracey said...

Hey! Lovr the lamp...she is lovely. Since you asked...I would switch out the shade for a round one. Target has natural looking ones that are really cute-so does walmart. I love the base-I think the round shade just make the bases stand out. And...yessss would love to help with your house any day (However I am not convinced that you neeeed help:)

Between You and Me said...

was gonna say the same thing about the$14.99

It's great the way it is..but as my sweet friend above would make the base stand out more!

Kenzie said...

Great find!

Karen said...

Hey Ash! You are so funny! I think I've been to HomeGoods 3 times this week looking at lamps- too bad no City Bargains here. If you do get a new shade, maybe a color that makes it pop like your fav robin blue or red? It is nice the way it is too. I just love color.

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