Monogrammed frame

~Disclaimer~  this is not an original idea...I saw this really cute idea over at Bless My Nest and had to give it a try...especially since I have enough frames laying around for my entire neighborhood!
This is some leftover fabric from some drapes that my friend and I "mistreated"...isn't the fabric sooo purty?!
I guess I forgot to choose the original picture frame, but it was just a plain 'ol white frame with a matte inside.  Of course I had to spray paint it, so I chose a chocolate brown, I mean October Brown :)
I picked the striped fabric and just covered right on top of the matte.  I just used the hot glue gun to wrap the fabric to the back of the matte.
Then I took some white scrapbooking paper, and a brown paint pen to do the monogram.  I could of used my computer with a really cool font BUT...we don't have a printer up yet and I'm just impatient and wanted it to be done.  So in the future I could always just change this out...but I sorta like it right now!
This is the finished project sitting on the bedside table.  You can also see that I took some sandpaper to the frame to rough it up a little...give it that old look.  (The other cover up some of the dripping spray paint on the frame...)!
Oh yeah...I proudly went to Todd and showed him the beautiful frame I had made for us and where it sat right on his side of the bed.  He looked at it and said..."TWA...Trans World Atlantic"!!!!  What?!!  I said..."No babe, it's T for Todd, A for Ashley and W for Woodard!"    


Shannon said...

It looks great! I love the hand written monogram and the fabric! Very cute!!

mandy said...

I love it, it's so cute-TWA-tell Todd he is such a dork:)

Angie said...

That's a fun project.

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