Happy Valentines Day

This year I actually pulled out some crafty stuff and WE MADE our own Valentine's Day cards!  Every year I have said we will do it but then I forget...uh hem...I mean procrastinate until it's too late and then we are off to Target to find the perfect card amidst 50 million different themes!!  I was sooo proud of Morgan because she came up with the design on her very own.  Here it is below...it says...."U are the best".  Then we punched in two holes so she could stick a lollipop on the card.

Morgan in the crafting zone...

These are T.J.'s below...he helped a tad :)  We used M&M's ties on with pretty red ribbon to his.  

The three of us had just a ball creating and making our own V-day cards...so much that we will definetely do it again next year!


mandy said...

What fun! You guys did a grat job!

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