Rejoicing with friends!

A day that is obviously special to us is the birth of our son, T.J. on Sept. 6, 2000 but another reason it is dear to my heart is that my sweet friend, Susan had her son on the same day and in the same hospital as me! I'll never forget the sound of wheels sqeaking on the linoleum floor as Susan & Toby were coming down to our room so our little boys could meet for the first time! I was just impressed she was out walking around...hee hee!! T.J. and Caleb became fast buddies as Susan and I hung out together alot...until the day they had to move (sniff sniff) Even though they are miles away we have still kept in touch through email and now our blogs (love blogging!!). They are a precious, precious family and I am just so happy for them....
One thing as Christians we are called to do is to rejoice with others...I am sooo rejoicing with dear friends, The Johnson family on the adoption of their precious daughter, Georgia Faith! She officially has the Johnson name! I know that God blessed their family with Georgia, but she is also being blessed with an awesome new daddy and mommy (and brothers and sister) that are going to raise her up in the grace and knowledge of the Lord! We love you guys and sure do hope that we will get to see you sooner than later!!


Toby Johnson said...

Thank you for posting us & celebrating with us!! I LOVE that we live in a day where we can celebrate crossracial adoption! I also love our memories, thanks for taking me down te lane;) Love the blog BTW, will visit more often!

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