Goooo Wildcats

Morgan has auditioned for her second show with a local theatre company. She really, really, really wanted to be Sharpay (as did 50 other girls!). She has definetely got the.... thing going on and personally I think would make a fabulous Sharpay :o) She is really girly, loves getting her hair and make-up done and wearing fun outfits. So yesterday was the call backs and I got there at the end to see what part she would get. The director called out name after name of girls with obviously the main parts to be called last. Morgan was still sitting their as she was giving away parts. There was about six kids left and she called out parts for the "JOCKS" and would you know it, Morgan's name got called!! I knew she would be disappointed and sure enough when we got in the car, the tears came flowing :o( I tried to tell her all the get to do the fun dance with the basketball, you are in alot of scenes, it might be fun to wear a basketball uniform and look like a boy for once (that was a stretch!). All she could say is..."Mom, I don't want to look like a boy!" Well, as the day went on she was better with it and after today's rehearsal she came running out saying how many parts she will have and had such a

positive attitude! That's my sweet-drama-girl...I mean...errr.... Jock??


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