Labor Day

Today we went to Blizzard Beach for an early birthday celebration for T.J. It is so hard to believe he will be seven on Thursday! We went with the Hobbs family and the kids had a blast. We treated T.J. to a "bucket of ice cream" for a birthday treat. We had one bucket and four spoons and they all ate until they were sick! The weather turned out to be storms!!


Jennifer said...

We had a blast, too!! Happy Birthday #7 to the Big Guy- we love you T.J.!!
The Hobbs Family
aka "Mr. Kenny, Ms. Jenni, Savannah, Josh and Mollie the dog!

Team Jenkins said...

Okay - I love it! So glad that you've jumped on the bloggin' train! Did I see yall went to the Dillard House for vacation???? WHAT??? AND NO PHONE CALL??? NO VISIT????? WHERE'S THE LOVE???!!!
Seriously, keep the posts coming!
An for the Team :)

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