T.J.'s family birthday party

We kept it simple for a party and invited Mum & PawPaw, Grandma Carlisle, Aunt Courtney, Kenny, Jenni, Savannah & Josh Hobbs. T.J. picked out his ice cream cake at Bruesters today and of course got them to write "Happy Birthday T.J." in his favorite color...orange! We all sang happy birthday and got all sugared up again!! The cake was soooo good! It was vanilla ice cream, caramel and vanilla cake...yummy!

T.J. opened his gifts and got a Super Soaker water gun, a Pirates of the Carribean coloring book, and lots of gift cards. He will love going shopping!
What a great day! It is hard to believe my baby is 7 years old...he sure is growing up fast!


Jeni said...

Okay....can you be my mom. TJ is one lucky boy who gets a whole week of birthday. I love the helmet! That is such a perfect boy thing. Thanks for sharing the great pics.

Sam said...

Mandy gave me your blog address and I love it! Check out my blog so you can see Sam:) www.samreade.blogspot.com

I can't believe how big your kids have gotten... they are so cute!


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