I'm feeling a weight lifted off me today...a bit like someone detoxing from drugs or alcohol (not that I have ever gone through that!) but I imagine I might have a taste of what that is like...a little nugget if you will. So here it goes..."Hi, I'm Ashley....and I am addicted to Facebook"...there, I said it! I have known it for a while...God has made me aware for quite some time...but I didn't want to listen. I liked knowing what my friends were doing...I enjoyed looking through all their photo albums...I liked playing Bejeweled Blitz over and over to try to beat my friends (which I NEVER did!)...I woke up every morning to log on and see what was happening...I even had a few times where I would stare at my screen trying to come up with a funny or interesting status. I would check it on my phone constantly...and sometimes my feelings would get hurt because I would see things my friends did, knowing I wasn't invited. Or I would be worried about posting something because I wouldn't want to hurt someone's feelings...do you see the STRESS pattern forming here?! This.is.ridiculous.really! But you know the worst thing? Facebook was taking time away from the Lord...and my family...it was in my thoughts, and probably making me "assume" things that were not even true.
So, as of yesterday I am FACEBOOK-LESS! It's been weird not knowing what everyone's up to...but I'll get used to it. But it just feels amazing to know that I am doing what God has been nudging me to do and just like I felt as a child when I chose to obey my parents, I have that same feeling now knowing that I chose to obey my Heavenly Father.
I pray my mornings now will be me longing to read my Bible and have conversations over coffee with Jesus...and I'm pretty sure the things he will tell me will be so much more "great and mighty" than anything I would read on FB!


Between You and Me said...

I'm so PROUD of you for giving it up.....it's so hard to find a balance...before you know it...FB, email, blogging....tv...they all just have a way of taking over your life.

I'm spending less and less time on it...and I think you are FABULOUSLY awesome for surrendering it. :)

courtney said...

I'm really proud of you Ash! Even though I don't go on often, I've been thinking of being facebook-less! I might just have to follow the steps of my big sis!! :)

Playing Sublimely said...

Loved your comments about motherhood, I so feel the same way :).

Anonymous said...

Hey Ash!
I love your vulnerability...it's one of your standout qualities among many others. It was an encouragement to me and I am sure to many others- I suspect we all have our 'facebook' idols. In fact, we talked about idols at church this past Sunday- the book of Acts. I hope we can talk soon :)

Love ya
Karen Buba

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