My new favorite place

On President's Day, my sisters, kids and her long time friend met up here....Lake Eola

We brought bread for feeding the ducks...and quickly found out that they were not afraid of us as this one came right up to Mandy! Looks like they are having a nice little chit chat!
Mandy & Erin have been friends for-eva! They always try to see each other when Mandy comes into town, so since Erin lives near Lake Eola, she suggested we meet there and I am so glad she did! Sometimes living in a suburb of Orlando, we often forget how quaint and beautiful it is downtown...and it only takes 15 minutes to get there...not bad!
It was a thrill to me to watch my 11 going on 25 year old daughter still have fun playing on the playground!
More playing on this cool tire thingy...


Sam and Harper said...

I am so glad I helped you re-discover Lake Eola! Maybe we will bump into you guys down there:) It was such a great day...

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