On the way to the trash...now it's a treasure!

So I have had these wood pictures for a very LOOONNGG time.  In this house they were in my laundry room...because they just didn't go anywhere else in my house and probably really didn't go in my LR, but hey, I had them...might as well use them.  Anyhoo...I got on this kick to clean, reorganize and decorate the LR.  These pictures were going to just HAVE to go UNTIL...I had an idea...my very own idea!  And here it goes....I have selected the pics I want to cover this already and we are outside ready to go!
The photo was cut to fit the front of the picture already.  I had a couple really really cute pics of the kids left over that were PERFECT for this project!
Then I used some spray adhesive to have the photo adhere nicely to the wood picture.  

This is sort of the finished idea...except I want to paint the edges of the picture black and change the ribbon color.  I already had this black/white toile, but it's just too bland and needs some pop!  I am also very impatient and didn't have time to run to Michael's, so I went ahead and hung them for now.


steve and randel hambrick said...

what about the photo bubbling? is that not a problem with the spray adhesive?
these look great!

Woodard Gang said...

Thanks Randel :) I did not have a problem with photo bubbling...BUT these pics were printed on good quality photo paper. I am sure that helped! So...good question if I just printed them off the computer...there prob would be some bubbling.

mandy said...

I love thos pics of the kids, so cute. So is this on the wall across from the washer/dryer? Very cute and creative:)

Woodard Gang said...

It's actually on the wall over the long countertop...Thanks :)

Misty said...

I copied off you (I know you are surprised) I found at Wal-Mart a photo adhesive, it was in a spray can. I was worried about the pics bubbling too. But it worked. Wal-Mart had little plaques in the craft dept. for $1. I just painted the edges and copied off of you. I'll post pics soon. So you can see what you inspired!!

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