Christmas in Clarkesville

This is the car all loaded (I mean stuffed!) and ready to go up to Clarkesville, Georgia for Christmas.  We were all looking forward to spending Christmas with the whole Mossman gang!
Christmas Eve in their new jammies...the one present they get to open early every year.
Every year Todd blocks off where they are sleeping and puts a video camera to "monitor" their every move.  The rule is that they cannot come out at all until we get up...and we found out that they got up at 4:30 and sat in the hallway playing with each other and telling jokes until 7:30!  At least they let us sleep in a bit :)  Here is Morgan with her new Ipod that Santa brought her.
T.J. is so excited to get a paper airplane the expression on his face!
This is having Christmas with the whole gang...WOW!!  Look at the one is looking in the same direction!!
We played alot of games...Taboo, Catch Phrase, Bananagrams, Hearts and Farkle
Morgan & T.J. all dressed and ready for church
All the kids at the breakfast for this many kids takes teamwork!!
This is what happens when your two marshmellows are's very traumatic for Jack!
Roasting marshmellows in Papa's firepit
What can I son hates shoes!!  Even when it is 50 degrees outside!!

Rub a dub dub...three boys in the tub and having a good 'ol time!


mandy said...

What fun and what good pics. I miss you guys already!!!

mandy said...

Hey, I need the nudy pics for the boys when they are teenagers....hahaha how funny will that be when I pull that out for their girlfriends!!!!!

Sam and Harper said...

Love the bathtub picture of the boys:)

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