Girl gone wild making crafts!!

After recovering my dining room chairs in this absolutely adorable fabric...I had some leftovers and decided to quickly throw together this little window mistreatment! It is basically folded in half and I found some brown satin ribbon to hot glue to make it "appear" finished!
For my homemade ornament party this year, I decided on making tags. This is how it started...just a plain ol white tag from Michaels...
To favorite part is the adorable little jeweled brads at the top!! Love them :)
Then my friend, Tara, got inspired to paint some picture frames! She found these cute wood frames for $1.00 at Michaels.

And this is one of my finished frames...I think I am actually in love with it!!
So have any of you made any fun things lately?? Would love to see or hear of your ideas!


Misty said...

Love the idea of a homemade ornament party. I made a table runner last week. I'll send you a picture. I wish I would have made it about 10" long, but it's ok. Look at my blog at the aprons my mom made. She hand pieced them without a pattern. She is the crafting queen.

cortneleigh said...

I love the picture frame idea...I might try it out. Thanks for all your great creative ideas! :)

intelligence said...
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