too pretty to eat....nahhh!!!

while i was at the grocery the other day, the cake/cupcake/brownie/cookie isle was just a callin my i visited them and decided to bring home yellow cake mix and strawberry and vanilla icing...mmmm! i had alot of left over random sprinkles and this is what i came up with! then i had to get out my camera and play. this photography thing is way new to me so right now i am just playing with my camera... love the colors of the cupcakes!


Legendofsellers said...

What kind of camera do you have?? :)

Jeni said...

Yummy!!! Can I come over? I hope you guys are having a great summer. We have been so busy, but are enjoying every minute!!

Oh we got a chihuahua, named him Chip. Little Gracie is sooo cute, I hope she is behaving.


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