Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween

We were fortunate to have tickets given to us to go to Disney for the not-so-scary Halloween party. The kids were extremely excited plus they got to dress up early! Morgan wanted to be Hannah Montana....how did we do??

T.J. wanted to be a cowboy...Todd kept calling him Billy Ray Cyrus since that is Hannah's dad (for all you out their who don't have 9 yr old girls in love with Hannah Montana!!)

We had a great family time together riding rides with barely any lines (Praise the Lord!), eating popcorn and looking at all the fabulous costumes people had on. The best "family" costume was a family of four who dressed up as the Incredibles...really cool! The party started at 7:00 and went until 12:00. Because it was a school night we started leaving around 11:15 and did not get home until 1:00....check out the ride home....


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